NEWS : due to personal reasons, Moaan Exis can’t perform at our event of 12/11. They are replaced by Synapscape, the German duo who are a true reference at the wider fields of industrial music during the past quarter century.
As every year, the Autumn edition brings the crème de la crème of the industrial / power noise / dark ambient / dark folk etc. scene to our cozy home club De Klinker in Aarschot.
This year we're happy to welcome Imminent, Moaan Exis, Darkwood, Geneviéve Pasquier and Mildred in Oblivion.
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Due to health issues, it is impossible for La Muerte to perform at full power, this Sunday at the Klinker in Aarschot.
For the first time in our career, we have to announce - in accordance with the promoters - that we are forced to postpone this show to a later date.
We deeply regret this, but we are always committed to offer the best live experience our audience deserves.
You all know how we push ourselves to the limit on stage. Less is not enough.
Thanks for your understanding.
Hate/Love you and see you soon.
we’re happy to announce Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio will give away some goodies at their performance on 28/05, including a complete box set of the new album Nihilist Notes. More info : check out FB page Porta Nigra.
Another Bodymoving Passage 21/05 CANCELLED

Dear friends, today unfortunately we have to conclude that there are still not enough tickets sold to give the bands a pleasant and exciting stage feeling. Of course, the financial aspect also plays a role. "The right bands on the right stage", but apparently at the "wrong time". Therefore we stick to inviting all bands back in different circumstances. We nevertheless would like to sincerely thank you for the heartwarming messages and support (some also by still purchasing a ticket) we received the past days. It gives us the drive to look positively ahead to new Porta Nigra events. As promised, everyone will receive an email no later than Friday with a message of 100% return, whereby we will also give you the opportunity to transfer the ticket 1/1 to the event of 28/5 (free choice!). Thanks again for your understanding for this first cancelation in 11 years PN, your warm support and we hope to meet again soon in Aarschot!

To start the Easter holidays well... Celebrating 10 years of Porta Nigra, we proudly present you :

Saturday 2/4/2022

00h30 - 04h00 Afterparty with DJ BORG
23h10 - 00h20 Covenant (exclusive vintage set)
21h30 - 22h40 Blutengel
20h00 - 21h00 Rotersand
18h35 - 19h30 [:SITD:]
17h15 - 18h05 Juggernauts
16h00 - 16h45 Hydrom Line
Doors open 15h30

Sunday 3/4/2022

22h50 - 00h00 Hocico
21h20 - 22h30 Suicide Commando
20h00 - 21h00 Pink Turns Blue
18h35 - 19h30 The Arch
17h20 - 18h10 The Invincible Spirit
16h10 - 17h00 The Psychic Force
15h00 - 15h45 Korinthians
Doors open at 14h30

+ free entrance @ New Wave Club Class-X Party on Friday 1/4/2022 (same venue)
Supported by Stad Aarschot.
No CST needed, no obligation to wear mouth masks! (decision government 4/3/22)

Governmental decision : welcome back to the normal & free world!

The government has decided that from Monday 7/03 almost all corona measures will disappear. This means that a CST is no longer needed and the wearing of mouth masks won't be obliged! Also visitors from EU countries will no longer need to fill out a form when entering Belgium. So free visiting, dancing, moving, singing etc. at our celebration party! Please feel free to mail your remaining answers to Dit E-mail adres wordt beschermd tegen spambots. U moet JavaScript geactiveerd hebben om het te kunnen zien.


Unfortunately Jadu informed us that they cannot attend the 10 years celebration party due to personal reasons. The band apologizes for any inconvenience and hopes to make it up on a next Porta Nigra event. Jadu will be replaced by the old-school electro genius boys from Bielefeld, THE PSYCHIC FORCE. For those who missed their overwhelming performance at Porta Nigra in September 2021, here's another chance to witness these EBM pioneers live on stage... Expect the unexpected!


Aarschot offers a few excellent hotels and B&B at wonderful locations and maximum 15 minutes away from the venues : ‘s Hertogenmolens, Kasteel van Nieuwland, B&B De Pluimpapaver, B&B Het Huis van Peter Mot, B&B Silentium, etc.

Visitors who wish to spend the night in the area, but do not have their own transport: we are happy to recommend some hotels in Leuven, near the train station, such as Ibis Budget, Novotel, La Royale, Hotel Industrie, Park Inn... We will offer shuttles between Leuven train station and the venue, both in the afternoon (start) and after the last concert. Reservation is required.

More information and reservations, please send a message via mail to Dit E-mail adres wordt beschermd tegen spambots. U moet JavaScript geactiveerd hebben om het te kunnen zien.