The Arch can by now be called veterans in the new wave scene. Their first album ‘As Quiet As’ dates back to 1987, featuring the first underground hit ‘Babsi ist Tot’. A few years later, The Arch gained world fame with the song ‘Ribdancer’. It was the starting point for tours in Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, UK, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Hungary and Yugoslavia.
The Arch’s original sound is a combination of solid guitar parts and electronics on pumping beats, topped with a dark layer of melancholy. Their strong live reputation allowed the band to support Peter Murphy (Bauhaus), The Mission, Clan Of Xymox, The Neon Judgement, Spear Of Destiny, The Chameleon Vox, among others. They also managed to secure a spot at festivals such as WGT, W-fest, BIM, Dark Malta, New Waves Day, NCN, M’era Luna and a headlining spot at Sinnersday 2021.
The Arch will present their seventh album at the Singer. The three previously released singles ‘Sanctuary Rat’, ‘Devil’s Breed’, ‘9.81’ and Clear Fields already promise the best!

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