Started in 1976, almost 40 years on the shelves, changed as much in line-up and style as pants. One thing cannot be denied: The Cure belongs in the list of greats and in the list of stayers. In addition, the Cure also has an undeniable reputation as a live band that captivates a very diverse audience(both young and old, new wavers as well as pop and rock lovers).

“the obsCURE” aims to pay tribute to this band without pinning itself down to any particular period in its rich career.

This allows the obsCURE to adapt the setlist each time: fast songs still rooted in post-punk (Killing an Arab, Boys Don’t Cry,…) from the early days of the Cure can be alternated with big exuberant danceable hits (The Walk, Close to Me,…), with catchy classic pop songs (Just Like Heaven, Friday I’m In Love,…) as well as with darker epic and gothic songs (A Strange Day, Bloodflowers).

The Cure can draw on a varied musical past (post-punk, goth, rock, pop,…) and therefore “the obsCURE” also wants to approach the Cure’s entire rich career musically as closely as possible: close your eyes, listen and you will hear the Cure. If beamer available, we will also provide a video projection during the performance to further reflect the atmosphere.

“the obsCURE” consists of six band members mainly from the Antwerp area and was founded in mid-2014 by a few Cure fans.

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