DJ Maxalto was born in the 60s, grew up in the 70s and has been addicted to new wave since the 80s. The 80s in which Belpop emerged, where dark minded people met at parties or festivals like Seaside and Futurama and danced to the best of new wave, …. 

In the past 2 decades you could find DJ Maxalto during the legendary parties of New Wave Party Aalst (where he was part of the organization), in the studio of the radio Katanga (Aalst) with his evening program ‘Shadowplay’, at one of the many other parties as a guest DJ or as a DJ programmer of the Batcave at WFest.

DJ Maxalto takes you on a journey through the world of new wave, with danceable music from the late 70s to the present, light and dark, cheerful and somber, playing the unknown songs of the well-known groups and the well-known songs of the unknown groups . His trademark is combining classics and more recent releases and delivering balanced sets with both hits and alternative tracks.

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